Winnebago Higher
Education Department
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Tribal Higher Education
Department Staff
Patrice Bass, Higher Education Director
Carmelita Sharpback, Education Specialist

Rita Payer, Office Associate


Winnebago Higher Education Department

Mission statement:  
The Tribal Education Department is dedicated to supporting educational goals by providing services to develop continuous lifelong learning; while enhancing knowledge in the Ho-Chunk culture and language.

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Educational Entities located in Winnebago:

Little Priest Tribal College: visit website
Phone: (402) 878-2380 - Fax: (402) 878-2355
601 East College Drive - PO Box 270
Winnebago, NE 68071

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, chartered Little Priest Tribal College in May of 1996. The major focus of LPTC is to provide two-year associate degrees, and to prepare students to transfer and successfully complete a major at a four-year institution. Equally as important, and included in the college's mission statement, is the commitment to offer language and culture classes. These classes provide students with the opportunity to improve their knowledge of Ho-Chunk language and culture and also help build self esteem. The college is named after Chief Little Priest, the last true war chief of the Winnebago Tribe.

The college offers two degrees: the Associate of Arts Degree and Associate of Science degree; eight areas of emphasis, two diploma programs and one certificate program. the college also has a Community Education Department that offers a variety of workshops, seminars and continuing education classes, which upgrade skills and/or improve employability. This department also offers activities and classes in the cultural arts to preserve the rich heritage of te Winnebago Tribe. Achievment certificates are awarded for successful completion of community education non-credit courses. For certain courses continuing education units (CEU's) are also available. Enrollment at Little Priest Tribal College typically exceeds 100 students per semester, and on average, the student body represents over 20 tribes.

Winnebago Public School: visit website
Phone: (402) 878-2224 - Fax: (402) 878-2472
P.O. Box KK - 202 Osborne
Winnebago, NE 68071

Mission Statement:
As a community of learners, we will inspire each student to dedicate himself or herself to life-long learning, encourage cultural pride, and become a responsible, contributing member of the Winnebago Nation and the global community.

St. Augustine's Indian Mission: visit website
Phone: Mission Office  (402)-878-2402 - School Office  (402) 878-2291
Fax: (402) 878-2760
P.O. Box GG - Mission Road 1 South
Winnebago, NE 68071

Mission Statement:
St. Augustine Indian Mission School strives to prepare students for their higher education by assisting them to become respectful of life, self-directed, and positive contributors to their community. In doing this, students will:

Educare of Winnebago:
Phone: 402-878-4370
Fax: 402-878-4373
317 Frenchman Street
Winnebago NE, 68071