REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL - Tutoring Services (posted 11-22-21)

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska was awarded a Demonstration Grant from the Office of Indian Education beginning October 2020. Demonstration Grants for Indian Children is a competitive discretionary grant program that supports projects to develop, test and demonstrate the effectiveness of services and programs to improve educational opportunities and achievement of Indian children.

The five year program is called the Educational Pathways to Student Success. This program is designed to improve the education opportunities and achievement of elementary, and secondary school Indian children by developing, testing, and demonstrating effective services and programs.

Several of the services will include college and career readiness, culture exploration, apprenticeships, family engagement and tutoring. Parents will need to complete an application and pre-assessment survey to receive services. Services and spots for the program will be limited and accepted on the student’s needs.

More information will be available soon.

Contact Information:

EPSS Staff:

Sandy “Macky” Scott II – EPSS Program Coordinator
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(402) 878-4370 Ext. 1724