Health Education

The Health Education Program spreads the initiative to raise health to the highest possible level in the Winnebago. It emphasizes health promotion, prevention and control of diseases through health education classes, consultation and counseling.

Services:  Health Education classes with available materials and resources on various topics:

  • HIV Testing and Counseling
  • Smoking Cessation Classes
  • Child Care Health Consultation
  • STD Education and Awareness
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Heart Disease and Stroke Awareness
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Suicide Prevention/Education
  • Diabetes Prevention/Education

Tobacco Program:  N-O-T Program available for teens' groups or individual classes.

Native Health Beat Newsletter: 2012 Jan-Mar NHB NL

Contact information:
Les Painter, Health Educator I - Email
Silas Cleveland, Health Educator II & Tobacco - Email
Phone: 402.878.2294
Fax: 402.878.2831
I.H.S. Location
225 S. Bluff St.
Winnebago, NE 68071