Darla Lapointe   
Phone: 402-878-3129
Vince Bass
Phone: 402-878-3102
Brian Chamberlain
Phone: 402-878-3103
Victoria Kitcheyan
Phone: 402-878-3135
Maunka Morgan
Phone: 402-878-3121
Jeanie Eagle
Phone: 402-878-3130
James Snow
Phone: 402-878-3132
Louis LaRose
Phone: 402-878-3112
Kenny Mallory
Phone: 402-878-3107

Winnebago Tribal Council

October Tribal Council Meeting Schedule


Darla LaPointe - Tribal Chair

Vince Bass - Vice Chairman

Brian Chamberlain - Treasurer

Victoria Kitcheyan - Secretary

James Snow - Council Member

Jeannie Eagle - Council Member

Louis LaRose - Council Member

Maunka Morgan - Council Member

Kennny Mallory - Council Member

The Tribal Council governs the Winnebago Tribe and consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and five other members. All council members are elected by tribal members for a three year term while officers are appointed for a one year term from within the council. Elections are held every October to elect three members.

The Winnebago Tribal homelands are located in the northeast corner of Nebraska, and a portion of western Iowa.

The future of the Winnebago Tribe is directly related to the protection of our homelands and how well we enable our children to continue our cultural traditions and manage our resources in rebuilding our economy. We believe the children of the Winnebago have the desire and the ability to survive, grow, and rebuild our Nation in the 21st century. Currently, the Tribe has 4,000 enrolled members.